SMS Gateway Integration

SMS API integration is simply connecting an external SMS interface into your existing infrastructure, to enable a whole and smooth pass-over of commands and responses from your service to the interface and back for sending and receiving of SMS anywhere in the world. You can connect to an SMS API via REST or SMPP. An SMS API is the programming software that lets you build your own personalized SMS sending and receiving channel. A smart messaging service can give your business a complete API system. You can get SMS API for PHP, Java or HTTP. You can choose how you like to send and receive bulk messages.

Usually, SMS APIs allow you to Send SMS in a number of formats Receive text messages Take recipient response without any need of a password Get real-time status reports for all texts Tkies SMS API enables you to coordinate SMS integration with your site, outsider application, portable application or CRM. In this profoundly aggressive online platform,Tkies SMS API integration turns into a quantifiable metric against prevalent applications. There is no business which is immaculate by the advantages of developing and driving SMS APIs. SMS are inconceivably quick and there is abundant and noteworthy cost-viability of including SMS integration into your business strategy.

How does an API work?

We send a request to API by calling a URL with required credentials for example name, password, sender ID, mobile number etc. Once request is done the API along with all the parameters fired to SMS Gateway server and SMS Gateway server process the request and make answer for the particular call instantly.

We are familiar with the advantages and need of SMS API. How It can helps us in several ways, read below:-

You can send SMS in a number of ways, including formats You can receive text messages You will receive what the sender is sending without having to use any code Apart from these, you will receive real-time status report

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