Online Reservation System

Whether you are a developer, a startup or a leading travel brand, Tkies APIs allow you to build up high-quality apps.

Our Travel APIs directly connect you to all the data you need to build an innovative website or app. By integrating our APIs your customers can able to take advantage of the best deals on flights, hotels or car hire from wherever they are in the world - either as three independent travel solutions or integrated together.

The main focus of Tkies is to provide Effective integration of third party XML API into your travel portal. We provide XML API & REST API integration service to enable your travel portal for booking of flights, hotel, car rental, bus ticket and holidays . We provide hassle free integration of both SOAP and REST APIs.

Tkies APIs. It’s the main set of Tkies APIs that covers nine distribution types and additional services

Travel API Features

Transforming online travel

  • Airlines
  • Hotels
  • Car rentals and transfers
  • Cruises
  • Travel insurance booking
  • Booking management
  • Queue management
  • Payment management
  • Customer profiles

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