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Tkies a most successful leading business in the travel industry believes an organized and functional online booking system is required to survive in travel and tourism market. Tkies as a member of IATA (international air travel intermediates worldwide trading two hundred and twenty billion US dollars’ worth of airline tickets on behalf of 260 IATA airline members. IATA allows the trade of association of international and domestic tickets and all the billings, payment, settlement were efficiently done by BSP IATA’s billing. IATA a prime body of airline industry works to help the global air transport industry by making their process simpler simultaneously increasing the passenger benefits while reducing costs and upgrading efficiency. International air transport association aims to lead and serve the airline industry.

IATA constitutes over 240 airlines from all over the world including world’s prime passenger and cargo airlines. Transport association) plays major role in representing IATA standards. We built all our solutions on IATA V.1.4. Compliant and we move a step forward by integrating our solutions with biometric identification by following the IATA one-identity program. IATA international air transport association is the trade association of all the world’s airlines. It supports in developing the industry standards on the areas related to critical aviation issues. IATA greatly simplifies business relationship between travel medium and airlines. Over 60,000 contracts IATA now managing every single contract in each and every aspect of their process starting from negotiation, drafting to contract completion and archiving by fulfilling the needs of most required litigations environments with Tkies litigation module.

IATA now launched NDC (new distribution capability) is an XML based data transmission standards allows to beat the challenges of the current distribution system for airlines. NDC permits its additional services using rich content. IATA now handling 95 percent of the airline industry. IATA has more than 70 offices across the world with a different departments in which legal department is responsible in handling all the legal matters and interpretation regulations that govern the association various programs and members that includes draft, explain and organize the business builds across the world.

IATA is largely responsible for handling all commercial legal matters in analysis of various regulations that required to govern the various associations programs and members. In the previous, contract managers were associated to project managers in handling their dealers for their particular authority but it couldn’t work better. Coupled with compliance and inappropriate archival system made difficult in managing dealers. Considering so many factors, as a result decided to adopt a new legal management system which is more acceptable and easiest way in handling contracts and litigation.


Tkies technology stands for prominent business in the travel industry, always strive to assist customers in reaching heights. Successfully by holding new technology. We serve all major airlines, travel agents, and cooperate around the world. We adopt IATA approved Global Distribution Systems (GDS) for travel agents to sell their tickets directly online through B2B, B2C, B2B2B and B2B2C agents. We extend IATA software for travel agencies, tour operators, and travel aggregators and also we facilitate ticket reservation software for Non-IATA travel members.

Tkies supports a best booking system, the cooperate travel portal which suits perfect for online booking and e-travel management tool specially designed for cooperate travel market. The site provides required information of scheduled flight with fare, low-cost carriers, live domestic and international hotel and car hire. Our platform permits travel mediums, tour operators and holiday companies to encourage the key service of OTA platform. Tkies technology well known for travel and aviation solution has been certified by International Air Transport Association (IATA) with NDC level 3 capability as an I.T provider. With NDC we are able to provide additional services such as luggage, seat selection, and customize offers.

Moving forward Tkies technology solutions are equal match with every reason, along with the capacity in controlliing legal actions and deals, reasonable price, flexibility, easy to access with the combination of Sap. By recognizing al our solutions, IATA selected to execute the program. The company follows policies and procedures to make sure all legal action documents are stored safely and easy to access system. One of the legal senior council at IATA stated “We took a different way of tracking legal documents” the process was being very successful in looking at litigation module.

Complete Software for IATA Agents and Travel Agencies

  • Flight Reservation System
  • Hotel Reservation System
  • Car reservation system
  • Events Reservation System
  • Accounting and MIS system
  • Transfers Booking System
  • Cruise Booking system
  • Event Ticket Management System


In the world of internet, with the growth of technology travel intermediates and individual intermediates are moving with latest travel technology tools and mobile apps to help worldwide customers and by maximizing their revenue. With the ever growing technology, the agencies started using online flight reserving system, whereas end traveler and sub-intermediates can book flight deals online hassle-free. As a result many travel start-ups, Non-IATA and IATA intermediates are moving for OTA model. The IATA NDC online reservation software facilitates the end traveler in selection of seats, selecting/buying auxiliary services, upgrade, cancellation, update etc. therefore Airlines Technology offers NDC based collection and IT services to airlines, travel intermediate and third party vendors in the travel industry.


  • Various sales channels – B2C, B2B, B2B2B, call center, front desk
  • Low prices ownership
  • Online booking engine – flight, hotel, holiday package, car, sightseeing and transfers
  • Integration of GDS, XML & travel API integration
  • Total booking management system
  • Complete reporting module


  • With a Single Sales Agency Agreement can enter in to a IATA airline members which allows the sale of international or domestic tickets
  • “IATA recognized Agent” logo can be used on premises and website
  • Access to IATA’s Billing and settlement plan(BSP)
  • Organized procedures to confirm dealings with airlines

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