Hotel Booking Engine

With most travellers today now booking their stays online, hotels have had to become reliant on online travel agents to deliver them reservations.

Listing on them includes the benefits of reaching large, new, audiences and increasing bookings but each reservation requires a commission fee to be paid to the third-party. When this fee starts to creep up over 20%, it becomes incredibly frustrating for hotels, especially independent operators, as they see their profits melt away.

Tkies hotel booking engine is an online booking system that helps direct reservations to be made. An easy, fast, and secure system, a booking engine helps increase direct sales without paying any commissions. With an increase in online bookings, even the smallest hotel now cannot ignore the need for a booking engine.

Our hotel booking engine is an application on hotel websites and social media pages to capture and process direct online reservations. Tkies online booking engine works by plugging into your hotel website and processing secure online reservations made through the website.


  • You can increase conversions with a simple guest booking experience
  • You can save time with quick and easy setup
  • You can make better decisions with data
  • You can gain an advantage over competitors who don’t have one

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