Galileo Travel System

Tkies Galileo system is one of the worldwide leading top most suppliers of travel products around the world. Our Galileo distribution system enriched with an advanced airline reservation system and with a cutting edge of travel products and solutions making the job more simple and easy to the travel industry. Our system developed and designed in such a way to maximize revenue by maintaining a wonderful bounding with their clients and travel products.

Galileo serving all the travel companies worldwide successfully. Tkies GDS system supports in every aspect of B2B & B2c Galileo GDS/Travelport GDS/ Galileo API integration either for consulting or development we are available. A fully features Galileo travel system/ Galileo software includes Galileo travel reservation system for air booking, Galileo hotel booking, travel packages, Galileo bus boking, Galileo rail booking, Galileo cruise booking, insurance and Galileo CRS system.

Tkies is running most successful in Galileo booking system/Galileo software development.Our Galileo GDS system is structured in such a way it can accept both traditional data entry format and the advanced view point that is point and click technology comparing more flexible and accurate than the traditional format. Our online travel booking system permits travel agents to access all hotels, flights, car booking etc through Galileo.

The GDS travel management system coupled with an additional feature E-agent portal through which travel agents can access vacation packages, foreign currency exchange services and sightseeing tour operators with multiple deals available in the market. Galileo GDS system well known to an innovative online flight booking solutions all around the world. They equally providing services to travel management software solutions and intelligence products for the present leading airline carrier.


  • Various sales channels – B2C, B2B, B2B2B, call center, front desk
  • Low prices ownership
  • Online booking engine – flight, hotel, holiday package, car, sightseeing and transfers
  • Integration of GDS, XML & travel API integration
  • Total booking management system
  • Complete reporting module


  • Maximizes revenue
  • Maximizes performance
  • Very low operating cost
  • Maximizes productivity
  • Maximizes sales
  • On-time access to all travel inventory
  • Supports in finding new opportunity
  • Easy to find innovative solution for each and every travel advisor

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