Flight API

Universal Flight API

Our fully integrated travel API’s directly connects you to the information needed to develop a futuristic travel website or app in much efficient way. Your clients can utilize the great advantage of best prices with our flight API from all over the world.

Our set of API’s supports you to build your own travel website or mobile app with fast approach of premium inventory from any corner of the world. With deeper integration with our API’s can develop furthermore high efficiency.

Tkies a prominent leader in the travel industry facilitates with a whole travel technology solutions to all the travel management companies, tour operators, travel agents, online travel agents all over the world. Tkies successfully moving forward with most advanced rich flight API. A travel Portal can’t be a complete orbit unless it is integrated with Tkies flight API. Any Travel Reservation Sites must and the most should offer an Airline Reservation System.

Online flight booking process on your website can be accessed more easily with our flight API. An Affordable way to build customized travel booking applications based on ever changing online technology means you required to act more effectively to the change. We created the best portals and served several clients through our tkies flight API. Tkies flight booking engine is accessible with API for any web-Based(B2B/B2C) portals.Tkies Flight API allows you to construct and update your own travel booking applications in an affordable way. Its flexibility allows you to implement and integrate with the existing systems according to the ever growing technology.

A futuristic sight for your technology investments with the flexible integration of Tkies flight API gives you a faith to invest in software and development. The travelers who wish to process their booking through web/apps can find many flight ticket reservations and for every reservation Flight booking engine is Base. An Online Travel Portal won’t be complete unless it is integrated with flight booking API. Our flight API allows to have own private travel booking system to all the travel agents.Tkies Flight API is Versatile with least investment, offers you a great adoptability at all the times.

The whole Industry moving towards a huge service oriented architecture which allows incorporation of 2.0 development. The Tkies API and Fully web 2.0 compliment, provide you to expand these new features to their best advantage and integrate the future upgrade fast and quickly. Our API expands its support during development and testing phase with technical expert in a quick search. The travel and tourism API together with own software solution, and as a travel service supplier can unlocks your development potential. It is very helpful to get done the hotel reservations easily in travel and tourism business. Our Flight Booking as our GDS integration is a complete package kit with less carrier costs.


  • User friendly integrate and implement
  • Provide customized travel booking applications
  • Cost-effective and time saving
  • Provide custom – designed solution which increase efficiency
  • Fully scalable and web 2.0 compliment
  • Deliver fast and reliable
  • Build on scalable open system architecture
  • Best deal prices for your customers
  • Flexibility in browsing and live prices
  • Unending optimized product solution


  • Quick and accurate online reservation
  • Through single API multiple tasks
  • Maximize efficiencyTrusted and reliable
  • Increases revenue
  • Unending optimized product solution
  • We provide RESTful format, with Jason or XML responses available
  • Provide customized solution with inventory and other requirements
  • Realtime integration
  • Best customer service
  • Dedicated team of professionals
  • Worldwide connecting to 70+ countries

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