Tkies is a travel technology company recognized as a global leader for the vast services to the travel industry. Tkies developed a robust road transport network system known as Bus CRS to the industry, through which helping the travelers to make their travel plan more comfortable and in turn maximizing the revenue of travel management companies. The online Bus CRS is a web-based application works on a centralized network designed to manage all the inventories and have control over them such as help the end traveler to check the seat availability, booking and cancellation of tickets, to make payment online and also can make various inquires within short time. Bus CRS built on computerized traditional database which supports to have control on ticket booking, bus tracking and also useful to maintain user details, bus details, reservation details, booking details and much more around the clock.

CRS Bus Reservation system offers you an excellent feature which enables you to control over bus routes, departing and end destination, pricing, stop selling etc. and able to create, delete, edit the bus operators, agents and subagents. Tkies online booking systems can’t be a complete orbit without a Bus reservation system. As there is rapid growth in online bus booking systems, the bus suppliers now begin to consolidate the global data for bus seat availability, finally bus suppliers in search of increase in their partners providing their content through APIs and XML, all over the world. Our bus supplier’s enables travel agents by facilitating their customers and sub agents to book bus tickets from their own online booking system.

A CRS stands as a central reservation system plays a crucial role in transferring data from PMS/s to the distribution channels within no time, through which hotels can reach guests all over multiple channels as required as part of their distribution strategy. The system supports managers, helping them in a single source to manage the multi-channel strategies like in allocating rooms and much more. As with the increase in bus travelers every year, simultaneously the responsibility to provide well-resourced bus services also increases to the travel management companies. So the travel portal development companies are working towards the development of user friendly bus reservation system, and mobile apps for the travelers in the source of providing facilities and increasing their business revenue.

Tkies bus central reservation system is equipped with all effective features to run your business successfully. Our flexible bus booking software supports you to create and manage bus routes, bus schedules and time travelling effectively from start to end destination without any troubles. Our bus reservation system sends notifications to both customer and admin in prior in every move of bus journey. Tkies bus ticketing system can accept multiple currencies facilitating the customer to pay in their prevalence. Our booking engine can easily be integrated with bus booking API, providing the advantage of best possible deals to the end travelers. Therefore our comprehensive bus booking system tailored with multiple functionalities helping the travel management companies in raising their graph of success to heights.


  • Bus scheduling: As soon as the bus operator done with the schedule of various routes, the software automatically displays the routes with all details like time, departure, arrival, journey time and much more
  • Seat selection: users can use the privilege of seat selection of their own choice.
  • Cancelled service list: if there is any cancellation of bus services, going to be displayed in the cancelled service page.
  • Booking report: the most advantage feature of Bus CRS is the generation of daily, monthly, weekly and yearly report. Which is most important to maintain a track of operation for both the travel company and the end traveler.
  • Work 24/7: Online booking system will be available around the clock helping the customers all the time.


  • Supports customers to enjoy the great efficiency with error correction process, increase productivity. develop the ability of the agency for managing changes.
  • Supports unparalleled insights into great advantage
  • It cut-downs the time through fast keyboard entry transaction, full integration and external transaction outside import routines
  • Supports travel site in the promotion of apartments, hotels, resorts, guest houses and villas
  • It boosts an organization to develop easily and to obtain more profits further.

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