Tkies a prominent player in the travel industry offers an online bus booking API to the industry. A bus is a mode of land transport, each and every customer can easily be affordable.

Our Tkies online web based application of bus booking API empowers the travel providers to interact with customers easily. It offers the best booking facility to the end traveler with enormous benefits making their package more attractive with the best deals.

With the integration of our bus booking API to your online travel portal, you as a service provider can provide a vast related services to the customer globally and effectively.

The traveler can provide the real time search data of buses depending on the requirement of traveler such as seat layout, booking tickets, generate reports for both reservations and cancellations and more by making their job easy with just few clicks.


Transforming online travel

  • User-friendly customize design and layout
  • Easily be integrated into your website
  • Dynamic packaging and shopping cart features
  • Offers an advance and flexible yield capabilities
  • Real time email or message notification at registrations, password intimations, booking, cancel
  • Only admin can upload banner images
  • Offer in depth reporting and revenue tracking
  • Easy to login with social networking site like Facebook or google play
  • Provides detailed analysis


  • Provides an easy ticket printing option
  • Supports cancellation of tickets
  • Provides an option to view history of reservation
  • Easy to get report on daily bookings

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