Booking Engine for Travel Agents

Tkies travel software is integrated with the strongest bed banks & gds systems, through xml/api connection. by simply making a search in the booking engine you will be able to see all the offers in real time and you will be able to book them directly from your website.

Our B2B Booking system has all the basic modules included, you can adjust markup and pricing policies dynamically, display hotel rooms availability in real-time, manage credits limits, and manage the cancellation policies and fees. Using cutting edge technology and pure web services, Tkies has developed a wealth of experience in delivering fully scalable, high-performance travel software solution and travel booking engine to leading organizations and make the best use of latest technologies available in order to meet the growing demand for fast, efficient and effective solutions.

These are the different modules that could be required by a travel booking system. Tkies CRM system combines all these functionalities within a single platform. This will help you instantly win over prospects who are on the fence and improve the overall better margins.

We have online travel booking engine which is having these modules to maximize your bookings.

  • Incentive bigger bookings - Provide better prices for group bookings and fill more seats.
  • Make it easy to avail reservations - Avoid time lag and paper work at reserving berths.
  • Offer flexible packages - work-out the best possible rates based on seasonality, number of members and seat availability.
  • Promote comparison shopping - You can’t beat it, so Join it. Make sure that you can beat the competition for a similar berth or package.

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