Tour Operator Software

Tkies is proud to be a travel agent software provider offering travel reservation software to grow your business online.

We support online travel agencies, travel management solution providers, and travel tech startups to regenerate, unclog new opportunity and to build true value among customers.

The main target of any travel company is to stand out among all competitors by increasing profits and boost customer service. Unfortunately these days the competition has become tough but No worries. our tkies tour operator software has designed and developed to support all travel agencies to win the travel technology industry. The exclusive tkies tour operator software helps to increase your service benefits to users and to gain the customer attention. Tkies always ensures our software to meet all the requirements of all specialist travel brands, and can easily operate, flexible and to deliver the best result.

The tkies top leading company provides one complete technology solution as a tour operator software for all the requirements. we allows you to upload your own stock and merge it third-party products from which you can sell as a holiday package, or in multiple connections, by offering number of services by increasing your sales. Our user friendly software solution provides a great benefit to all the tour operators in creating their own offers, packages, tours, accommodation, transfers and other services. It can be very helpful for the end traveler in choosing the particular destination, hotels and airlines by making their travel plan better.

Tkies global tour operator software program designed to achieve all aspects of tour management, to gain more efficiency, real time communications, and package management reducing the time and cost in operating your business. Tkies always make sure to deliver the best tour operating software supported by a superior back end tour management system allows tracking, reporting and operations. Regardless of your package travel product and market plan how simple or critical. Over the years tkies tour operator system giving the best solution with all the requirements to generate profits for your organization.

Tkies always promise to deliver a true value in travel technology. We provide an advanced tour operator software that automates sales, marketing, operations and finances. The one who are searching for feature rich management system available in the market. No doubt the tkies tour operator is the one to fulfill all your requirements efficiently. It also handles back-office function, booking, CRM in return it increases your online booking fast and accurately.


Reshaping the Travel Industry

  • Ticketing module
  • various pricing levels
  • Client management system
  • powerful and various tour option
  • fast edit bookings from booking search screen.
  • current seat availability
  • various option by departure time or offering
  • Address group discounts automatically
  • Facility to track booking status
  • Real time inventory management


  • Supports customers to enjoy the great efficiency with error correction process, increase productivity. develop the ability of the agency for managing changes.
  • Supports unparalleled insights into great advantage
  • It cut-downs the time through fast keyboard entry transaction, full integration and external transaction outside import routines
  • Supports travel site in the promotion of apartments, hotels, resorts, guest houses and villas
  • It boosts an organization to develop easily and to obtain more profits further.

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