Car Rental Booking Solution

Tkies a highly recognized company in travel industry came forward by developing an advanced car rental booking solution. Our car rental solution is a fully customized boking software with pack of great features to the travel industry. Which allows customers to check the availability and to make online car reservation from your place through your website within no time.

With our fully integrated customized booking system the customers can utilize the real time online reservation and easy to track the vehicle availability from your website by making your travel plan more exciting. Our car rental system designed with an additional feature it can be used from any device including mobile phones undoubtedly with high performance network.

Business owners too have the advantage of controlling array of operations like managing the vendor, driver, billing, reservations, dispatch etc. effectively with an affordable pricing.Tkies a leading company with the gained experience in car rental solution empowers all the vehicle rental business in gaining profits with minimum cost. Our car rental solution is designed in such a way can be utilized for all sizes of business from small to large and local to international helping them to build a strong future in car rental business.

Tkies supporting car rental solutions for multiple rental car business globally. We guarantee car rental system is designed in such a way to fulfill the requirements of all car rental companies, travel consolidators, and travel agencies ensuring that they can easily manage the array of operations and reservations by maintaining smooth and organized customer service. Thus user friendly car rental booking solution works effectively for your car rental business operations.


  • Easy booking: the customers can easily make bookings directly from the company website.
  • Real time reporting: the customers can get the real time report which include bill cover and details, duty registers, vendor details and chauffeur reports
  • Managing revenue: easy to manage and access the total transactions at the same time can track the transaction for user convenience.
  • Fleet management: car rental software tools can optimize the use of resources that include vehicles, maintenance, and fuel.
  • Paperless transactions: the system support electronic billing, invoicing and even storage can help the companies paperless.
  • Location mapping: location map accuracy is mandatory for better communication between driver and clients. You need to make sure that your car rental platform has the right geocodes, postcodes and address integrated into its maps.


  • Supports customers to enjoy the great efficiency with error correction process, increase productivity. develop the ability of the agency for managing changes.
  • Supports unparalleled insights into great advantage
  • It cut-downs the time through fast keyboard entry transaction, full integration and external transaction outside import routines
  • Supports travel site in the promotion of apartments, hotels, resorts, guest houses and villas
  • It boosts an organization to develop easily and to obtain more profits further.

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